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Knowing is half the battle, the other half is a combination of guns and muscle. (BBP fitness pt. 1)

Ok folks, for those who didn’t know beforehand, in addition to being a weapons/combat/tactics super enthusiast I am a full-time Collegiate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach here in Iowa and a major point of emphasis that Ken and I wanted to focus on in transitioning to Bastion Black Performance was our belief that the human body IS the weapon and our firearms, blades and other such implements are tools to be used. To quote one of my favorite movies of all time; “That is power, flesh is power. What is steel compared to the hand that wields it!?” With that in mind we will list here some baseline theories and fundamentals of physical preparation in addition to the regular videos, write-ups and information we will provide on this page.

1.Health and Safety are paramount, there is no room for injuries that come from activities designed to increase one’s physical preparation.

Ex. Ripping open hands and fingers on high repetition exercises DECREASES your level of preparation as it negatively effects your ability to perform baseline daily tasks.

2.Training must have natural ebbs and flows within a given training period; NO ONE can stay at maximum physical preparation indefinitely.

3.The body responds EXACTLY to the stresses put on it and life is task specific. Meaning, if you want to get better at a specific physical task, you must train for that task.

4.Good programs are built around the basics; compound movements with barbells and free weights, bodyweight calisthenics and running. If your program requires complicated and expensive equipment, it is very unsustainable over the long term for an average person.

5.Remember that athletes get judged on their performance during the game and that your ‘playing field’ is the battlefield, your department’s patrol area or your security post; you need to be at your physical best when you are there, not necessarily the gym itself.

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