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Course Description


Combative Handgun Solutions is course designed to train students to deal with the realities of personal violence in a weapons based environment. Typically, this environment exists between 0 and 5yds, is initiated by the ‘bad guy,’ lasts only a few seconds, and requires the victim to access many skills and attributes under extreme duress and with extremely slim time margins. Students will train in their typical Concealed Carry/Open Carry or Duty gear, will be given solutions to deal with violent encounters that involve wrestling/grappling, striking, bladed weapons, firearms, and from all distances in the spectrum from complete and total entanglement to multiple yards of space. This will culminate with various live or semi-live engagements with real opponents utilizing Simunition Rounds and Glock Training Guns.


Topics Covered:

  • Basic Fence Positions and Surviving the Surprise Assault

  • Fighting Into and Out of Entanglement

  • Utilizing Fundamental Wrestling and Fighting Skills to Achieve Positional Dominance

  • Accessing and Employing Weapons From Entanglement

  • Creating Space and Accessing Weapons Whilst Moving

  • Controlling Opponent Weapons

  • Using an Effective Thumb Pec Index to Utilize Firearms While Entangled


  • None


Required Items:

  • Carry/Duty Gun

  • Carry/Duty Belt and Holster


  • Bring ANY and ALL that comprise your Daily Carry / Duty gear...Holster, Lights, Training Knives, ETC.

  • This is a ZERO Live Fire Class...NO AMMUNITION is needed or allowed in class

  • Typical Carry/Duty Clothes, Seasonal Weather Gear. There is a high likelihood of clothing damage, plan accordingly.

  • Mouthpiece and cup

  • Long sleeve shirt or other appropriate protective garment for use with SIMs

  • Gloves if desired

  • Good attitude

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