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Combative Handgun Solutions - Bastion Black Performance

• Course designed to the give the student a safe but very REALISTIC experience in the reality of Close-Quartered Defensive Engagements. 
• Using a Definitive and Detailed Dry Fire Skill Acquisition Block and concealed carry/duty handguns; students will engage in numerous drills and skill acquisition training blocks both in guided drills and open ended positional sparring
• As the class progresses, realistic, decision based scenarios will be presented to test the student’s ability to observe, orient, decide and act on given situations with minimal artificialities.
• Safety and Realism will be paramount.

Topics Covered:
• Situational Awareness
• Proper Use of Cover
• Drawing Under Stress
• Creating Space
• Circling/Moving Off Line
• Shooting From Entanglement
• Fighting to-Accessing-Employing-Retaining a Concealed Handgun
• Actions during/post Engagement

• None

Required Items:
• Handgun of Reputable Manufacture.
• Quality holster and magazine pouches - duty/carry gear is encouraged. 
• Seasonal Weather Gear.
• Eye / Ear Protection and Mouthpiece and cup.
• Good attitude.

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