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Handgun Force-on-Force I

A course designed to the give the student a safe but very REALISTIC experience in the reality of Close-Quartered and Defensive Engagements. Using Fully Functioning, Gas Blow Back, Simulated weapons as well as live ammunition and concealed/duty handguns; students will engage in numerous drills and skill acquisition training blocks both Simulated and Live. As the class progresses, realistic, decision based scenarios will be presented to test the student’s ability to observe, orient, decide and act on given situations with minimal artificialities. Taught in conjunction with my friend and Assistant Combatives Instructor John Hansen, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor and Black Belt World Champion and Brown Belt Pan-Am Champion grappler.

Safety and Realism will be paramount.

Topics Covered:

Situational Awareness

Proper Use of Cover

Drawing Under Stress

Creating Space

Circling/Moving Off Line

Shooting From Retention

Fighting to-Accessing-Employing-Retaining a Concealed Handgun

Actions during/post Engagement

Gear needed:

Eye Protection

Ear Protection
Long sleeve shirt and pants
Gloves if desired
Groin and additional neck protection if desired

Handgun of Reputable Manufacture

2 Magazines/Speed Loaders

A rigid, Concealable Holster

Durable Belt

150 of Suitable Ammunition


We Offer 10% Discounts for anyone who has previously trained with us, current MIL/LE and all Veterans.Contact us Directly to Get Registered!


Price: 145$

Duration: 8hrs

*3% Charge for Electronic Payment*
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