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Bellum Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Course Details:

• Who: Lane Gries of Bastion Black Performance

• What: Combative Handgun Solutions

• When: August 26th 12PM - 5PM & 27th 8AM - 5PM

• Where: Bellum Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 655 Fairview Ave N suite 260, St Paul, MN 55104

• Why: Solutions to threats in realistic environments and inside of your reactionary gap.



• Course designed to give the student a safe but very REALISTIC experience in the reality of Close-Quartered and Defensive Engagements.

• Using Their Daily Carry Equipment, Simulated weapons as well as Concealed Carry/Duty Handguns; students will engage in numerous drills and skill acquisition training blocks.

• As the class progresses, realistic, decision based scenarios will be presented to test the student’s ability to observe, orient, decide and act on given situations with minimal artificialities.

• Safety and Realism will be paramount.


Topics Covered:

• Situational Awareness
• Drawing Under Stress Both Standing and Grounded
• Creating Space
• Circling/Moving Off Line

• Basic Guards, Sweeps, Top Controls and Ground Fighting Fundamentals

• Shooting From Retention

• Fighting To, Accessing, Employing, Retaining a Concealed Handgun

• Actions during/post Engagement


• None


Required Items:
• Carry / Duty Handgun

• Bring ANY and ALL that comprise your Daily Carry / Duty gear...Holster, Lights, Training Knives, ETC.

• This is a ZERO Live Fire Class...NO AMMUNITION is needed or allowed in class

• Typical Carry/Duty Clothes, Seasonal Weather Gear. There is a high likelihood of clothing damage, plan accordingly.

• Mouthpiece and cup

• Good attitude

 Cost: $350


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