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Blades and Ballistics
Close Combatives Course


This course will be taught in tandem with Devin Crinklaw of In Extremis Tactical Group and will cover the usage of knives/bladed weapons and handguns for self defense in close quarters environments.

Course Content will include:

  • Edged Weapon Deployment

  • Application of Deadly Force with bladed weapons from arms length to extreme close quarters.

  • Handgun deployment at contact distance with a Thumb Pectoral Index

  • Handgun deployment at close to intermediate distance

  • Universal Training Munitions/Simunitions and live opponents.

LE, Patrol, SWAT, Narc /Mil, Concealed Carriers, Law Abiding Citizens looking to better their Extreme Close Quarters Combative Skills.

What To Bring:

  • Your carry/duty handgun, holster and belt

  • Your carry/duty Fixed or Folding Blade Knife

  • Appropriate training clothing and footwear, clothing damage is highly likely. No shorts, open toed footwear etc

  • A heavy sweatshirt or jacket for use with Simunitions

  • Groin Protection if desired

  • A Mouthpiece

  • Eye Protection


Cost: $220




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