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Lane Gries




 A little about myself....


I joined the United States Marine Corps in 2003 as an 0311 Rifleman and served with India Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines during Operation Iraqi Freedom II and the Assault on Fallujah and Operation Iraqi Freedom III and the various operations in Western Al-Anbar Province we conducted. I had the opportunity to serve as everything from lowly SAW Gunner-to Fireteam Leader-to Squad Leader and be a part of some of the most ferocious Urban Combat America has ever been involved in; for that I am truly thankful.


Since leaving the Marine Corps in 2007 I have been an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling, as well as USPSA, IDPA and various Outlaw/Frankenstein matches. Currently I am a Grand Master in Limited Division and was fortunate enough to break the top 20 and finish 19th at USPSA Nationals in 2019. I am a Purple in BJJ under John Hansen of Axios BJJ and finished NoGi world Runner-Up in both 2018 and 2019 as a Super Heavyweight.

I love training and love training folks, I truly believe that we are better versions of ourselves when we compete regularly and surround ourselves with competitive and serious people.